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ELL's in the Mathematics Classroom

Dates: January 19, 2019

Meets: Sa from 10:00 AM to 12 N

Location: Manhattan UFT 10th Floor

There is only one opening remaining at this time.

In this session, participants will describe the characteristics of language performance at each proficiency level. Participants will also be able to name strategies that can be implemented at each proficiency level to provide students with access to mathematical problems.
Fee: $30.00

Fee Breakdown

Course Fee (Basic)Teacher CTLE$ 30.00
Course Fee (Alternate)Teacher Non-Credit$ 15.00
Course Fee (Alternate)Paraprofessional CTLE$ 15.00
Course Fee (Alternate)Paraprofessional Non-CREDIT$ 15.00

Manhattan UFT 10th Floor

52 Broadway
New York, NY 10004


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